Frequently Asked Questions



What is professional therapeutic snuggling?

    It is a form of alternative therapy that involves platonic, fully-clothed touch, and cuddling with a professional who is available to be present with you and pay attention to your physical and emotional needs, much the way a parent (ideally) attends to their child. It is a way to receive a corrective experience of contact and connection, which can be deeply soothing and nurturing for people who are trauma survivors, or who simply don’t get enough physical touch in their everyday lives. It also reduces levels of stress hormones in the body, and is an excellent way to practice working with choice, consent, and boundaries in a safe space.

What do you do during a session?

    Typically, I like to get to know who it is I’m about to work with a little better so I can get a feel for their personality and what they are seeking from a cuddle session, then I let them lay down in a comfortable position and I lay with them and ask them to communicate their comfort level in that starting position. Then we adjust to other comfortable positions as needed for the remainder of the session. Some people like to talk with me during sessions, while others prefer it to be more quiet and meditative. It can look a variety of ways, but throughout our therapeutic relationship, I make an agreement with each client that we communicate about each session – both during and afterwards – about how it feels, what could be different, and even the smallest amount of discomfort. 

Where do these sessions happen?

    Currently I meet and cuddle with clients in appropriate public places, such as at a park or a beach. 

Who looks for professional snuggling?

    Usually it’s someone who feels that they are touch-starved. For some reason or another, they feel isolated, and may get only occasional hugs from loved ones. What I find is common among people that seek me out is they are going through some kind of difficult time, such as a divorce, death of a close loved one, failing career or business, recent knowledge of a medical diagnosis late in life and reflecting on how their life would be different if they knew sooner, existential crisis, or trauma from another situation. Also common for clients is: people with PTSD, people with some form of anxiety, people with some form of depression, people with some form of autism, and people that have been perpetually single and just want someone to be physically close with. And then, of course, there are the people who are just curious what professional snuggling is all about and want to experience it for themselves. I cater to all of these people!

There are also people that don’t understand that this is a platonic service and look for sexual services out of this. I do NOT cater to those people and usually am able to figure out if someone is looking for that.


How do you stay safe from that last type of person?

    I have my own vetting process that I do on my end which weeds out a lot of these people. In addition, I have a remote on-call safety person to check in and check out with for every session to make sure I’m safe, and they know where and when I’m supposed to be for sessions. If they don’t hear from me, they have the local authorities’ numbers on hand to go check in on me.

What’s your privacy policy?

     If we run into each other in public, I won’t tell others that you’re a client of mine.  I follow client direction as far as interactions for this. I follow up with clients solely for my business purposes and for client relation purposes. I do not sell information or share information without your express permission.

How long does a session usually last?

    Most clients opt for a 60 or 90 minute session to start, but I’ve done as many as 3 hour sessions for first-time sessions. 

What are the payment options?

    Clients pay for each session at some point before the session starts with paypal or cash.


If you have additional questions, please complete the cuddle request form above and I will do my best to get back to you in a few days. Sending you hope, encouragement, and endless blessings on your journey!